Saturday, February 09, 2008

Parish Notices

I ask no-one's forgiveness for not having time to maintain this blog - things just seem to conspire against it: my continued over-reading (three books on the go at the moment), an increase in my hours at work, 'social' (ha) commitments, the fact that I have two writing projects (and a bunch of gargantuan posts) still on the back-burner and the fact that writing anything more than the most tedious, utilitarian sentences (see the preceding one) is like wading through molasses at the moment. And then I'm off to Scotland for a few days, then back to full-time hours. Fun.

There will be some reportage from Glasgow - I'm heading up for the Instal festival, so a little for Plan B, and the rest, which they won't want, for here - but for now I'll leave you with this clip of Alex Neilson's Directing Hand, captured at last year's Palimpsest Festival in Cambridge (their album, Bells For Augustin Lesage, is apparently quite something, in the same dreamy line as Neilson and Richard Youngs' VHF collaboration, Ourselves), and some information on a most important show, occurring in Poole this month:

In case yr eyes have gone a bit, and can't quite grasp what all this means, then it's this: Manchester promoters Red Deer Club, in association with Club Anemone are bringing their nationwide tour round these parts on Saturday 23rd February, to The Central, at Ashley Cross in Poole. The line-up includes intimate, mercurial and menacing balladeer George Thomas, old-time folk/country singer Liz Green (who garnered quite amazing reviews for her performance at the End Of The Road Festival last year), and New York's magnetic Sam Amidon (whose last album, I should mention, is also a fine piece of work, featuring contributions from Ben Frost and Eyvind Kang(!) Yes!)

It's £5 entry/£4 NUS, and starts at 8PM, so get yr fucking asses down for it!