Sunday, February 06, 2011

Back to the Lab #7 18-1-2011

This week's radio show, with several Broadcast tracks, in memory of Trish Keenan.

Broadcast - 'Come On Let's Go' (The Noise Made By People (Warp))

Actress - 'Always Human' (Splazsh (Honest Jons))

LA Vampires ft. Matrix Metals - 'How Would U Know?' (So Unreal (Not Not Fun))

Broadcast - 'Corporeal' (Tender Buttons (Warp))

Keith Fullerton Whitman - 'Side B' ('Variations for Oud and Synthesizer' 7" (no label))

Broadcast - 'Valerie' (The HaHa Sound (Warp))

Joseph Hammer - 'Side B (excerpt)' (I Love You, Please Love Me Too (Pan))

Castevet - 'Grey Matter' (Mounds of Ashes (Profound Lore))

Broadcast - 'Black Cat' (Tender Buttons (Warp))

Broadcast - 'Still Feels Like Tears' (The Future Crayon (Warp))


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