Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back to the Lab #12: 22/2/2011

Shackleton - 'Undeadman (Mordant Music ReMMix)' ('Fireworks/Undeadman' 12" (Honest Jons))

Panda Bear - 'Last Night at the Jetty' (Tomboy (Paw Tracks))

Horsepower Productions - 'Damn It' (Quest for the Sonic Booty (Tempa))

Effi Briest - 'Rhizomes' (Rhizomes (Sacred Bones))

The Bug - 'Poison Dart (Scratcha DVA Remix)' ('Infected' EP (Ninja Tune))

Amerie/Theo Parrish - 'Just1lovebug' ('Just1lovebug' 12" (Fat Beats))

Blood Stereo - 'The Giving of the Grape (excerpt)' (Your Snakelike King (Pan))


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