Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parish Announcements (Redux)

Just a short public service announcement about a gig this Saturday (the 20th), at the Bournemouth Railway Social Club, complete with stellar line-up (in benefit of War On Want, but no-one gives a damn, after all):
It's organised by Lee from Dutch Husband, which is reason enough to pay attention.

And, just to give another short plug to Krayon's forthcoming night - the last gig I'll be going to, I believe, before I move (and yes, I am getting all silly and weepy):

(Incidentally, look out for a number of stellar gigs going on in the area after I leave for more neutral climes - astonishing prog-metal-core youngsters Rolo Tomassi, who I saw at Supersonic (and of whose keyboardist I demanded he display his cock to the audience) are playing at the IBar on 4th October; Krayon also have some excellent cavalcades of talent, local and otherwise, going on - especially exciting is Neptune (yes, that's right, the junk-metal-bashing one), playing with the mighty Glockenspiel and Sunshine Republic on November 2nd.)


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