Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Prior to answering Carl's down-thrown gauntlet (gawd, am I really that much of a caricature?), I wanted to alert possible readers to some events worth attending:

Firstly, 11th September sees the return of Club Anemone, supposedly at the Gander in central Bournemouth (although, since it remains closed due to health reasons, seems a little unlikely.) No, since you ask, I've never heard any of the Fence Collective massive who'll be playing, but they're friends with Paul Hardsparrow, a man of taste and nobility, and that's good enough for me:

Then, there's the Krayon Recordings night on the 23rd September, again supposedly at the Gander. If it really isn't open for business again by then, we must suspect conspiracy at the highest levels of E-On, so hopefully it should be exactly there:

Folkshogskola, incidentally, is a collaborative project (a duo, I believe) by Hamish from Rasmus Clausen (now recording bucolic solo glitch as Sinnataggen, and collaborating with Frances Donnelly as Limen.) Alpine Lager is the solo name of the frontman from Sunshine Republic, playing here in duo format with the newly-resurrected Dog Frog project. And Jason Kerley is the secret identity of maverick ambient junglist Blackpepper.

Having spoken of Frances, I thought I should mention to any readers in the south-east that she is playing the Southsea Festival under her Animal Magic Tricks guise; another gig follows at the Freebutt in Brighton on the 30th. Watch out, if you're in the area, for the 'launch gig' for her Soil mini-LP, soon to be released as part of a double-CD package on Fence Records; if you see her, ask her for a custom-made tape (and say Hi from me.) She is insanely amazing as an artist, so please go see her if you get a chance.

That is all.


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