Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Local Apocalypse

A piece of info that will interest only local types (and possibly not even them), but should interest everyone: as you can read from the above poster, Acoustic Ladyland (a bunch of horrific East London poseurs, whose second album (however) was the best jazz-punk record since, I don't know, the first Skill 7 Stamina 12 release) will be playing The Gander on the 31st.
More importantly, it's the final show of True Swamp Neglect, whose drummer, Barney, is moving out to pastures, uh, warmer (e.g. Bali). Their two albums - 2002's Sleep Function Lost and this year's Cloud Cloud Cloud (which I can assure you will be in my top five records of the year) - are magnificent, disjointed confections of warped, melancholic indie-rock, shot through with the spirit of Pavement, The Magic Band, Aphex, Eno, Sonic Youth, Pink Floyd and Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 (OK, I may partially have made that last one up, but can you blame me?), and who have given me more moments of affirmation - no, not a term for derision in this context - than I care to count. The shows I've seen, sporadically, since last July, frontman Chris' untiring commitment to the music community in Bournemouth, through the Reckno night and his other bands, and unfailing warmth and friendship, have been a real source of strength for me. The door charge and bar prices are reasonable; be there.