Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weather Forecast: Cloudy

A three day weekend - the longest consecutive amount of time I've had off since I started my job - and dry, cold, relatively bright weather, has meant lots of wandering around the little seas of greenery in Bournemouth listening to really dreamy music, birdsong leaking in through the headphones. Hence this lovely clip of Philip Jeck, performing here at 2006's Borealis Festival. Whilst a lot of the stuff related to Touch can seem a little dry - Phil Niblock, hmmm - Jeck sounds really wonderful, sculpting beautiful shapes out of crackle and mist. I can't wait to listen to his and Alter Ego's version of The Sinking Of The Titanic (reviewed marvellously in this month's Wire by Mark K-P).

P.S.: does anyone know where I can get CD copies of Jeck's pre-Stoke albums on Touch? Boomkat do MP3s, but I still prefer the physical object, and don't want to let all that beautiful John Wozencroft artwork go to waste...


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