Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing Left But The Text

Not often that I get the opportunity to shamelessly promote myself, so I shall enjoy this, though readers averse to such activities are advised to look away now:

First and foremost, the excellent new issue of Horizon Review, capably edited by Jane Holland, is now online. The quality is even higher than the first issue, with poems by Fiona Sampson, Michael McKimm and Daljit Nagra, fascinating interviews and a lovely article by the editor on the linguistic afterlife of Old English. Oh, and a couple of poems by me.

Secondly, the March issue of The Warwick Review, on which I did Student Editor duties, should be out any time now, featuring poetry by George Szirtes (!), and a number of poets paying tribute to octagenarian Peter Porter. And this for only £6.95! (Sorry, rather excitable.) Enquiries about copies and subscriptions should be directed to m.w.hulse (at)

Thirdly, and a bit late, but the new issue of Warwick's own arts publication, tapFactory, is now out, with work by myself and a great many Creative Writing compatriots, all produced in a delightful package, and all for just £1.50. Available from RISE in the Warwick Arts Centre, the the tapFactory facebook group or, sparing that
, drop me a line, and I can get you a copy.


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